Tania Gill is a pianist, keyboardist, composer and educator living in Toronto. Read her full biography here.

Contact: info@taniagill.ca

Tania Gill Quartet

Tania Gill (piano)
Lina Allemano (trumpet)
Rob Clutton (bass)
Nico Dann (drums)

“Her subtly coruscating second release as leader is a revelation.” – The Wire, May 2022

“Her writing for this quartet is pithy and elegant, blending sophisticated, measured arrangements with highly tuneful pieces vividly brought to life with trumpeter Lina Allemano, bassist Rob Clutton, and drummer Nico Dann.”           – Peter Margasuk, The Quietus. March 29, 2022

“…this release highlights the importance of her own quartet as a vital exponent of Canadian jazz.”– Troy Dostert, All About Jazz, March 16, 2022

“…cleverly and completely effortlessly balances between modern jazz and the more unpredictable avant-garde.” – Ivan Rod, DK, March 2022 (translated from Dutch)


Disappearing Curiosities
March 2022

Tania Gill (piano, Realistic (Moog) MG-1 Synthesizer)
Lina Allemano (trumpet)
Rob Clutton (bass)
Nico Dann (drums)

All compositions by Tania Gill, except People Gonna Rise Like the Water (composer unknown). Recorded by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company. Produced by Jean Martin and Tania Gill. Mixed and mastered by Jean Martin.

This recording was made possible through the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.


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Bolger Station
November 2010

Tania Gill – piano, organ, voice
Lina Allemano – trumpet
Clinton Ryder – bass
Jean Martin – drums

All tunes by Tania Gill, SOCAN 2010
except: On My Sleeve by Peter Johnston
It Never Entered My Mind by Rodgers and Hart
Maple Leaf Waltz by Wilf Carter

Mixed and Mastered by Jean Martin at The Farm, Toronto ON Canada
Photos by Sara Gill and Brian Goodwill, Design by Jean Martin

Produced by Jean Martin, originally released on Barnyard Records
Recorded Nov 16-17, 2009
@ Canterbury Music Company with Jeremy Darby and Jean Martin

Thank you: Peter Johnston, Mark Segger, Victor and Roy Bateman

This recording was made possible through the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Barnyard Records

Selected Press

“If you met Tania Gill’s Bolger Station at a party, you’d quickly decide to hang out with it for the rest of the evening. It’s different, after all. A little eccentric, unpredictable. In the best way.” CKUA


“Gill’s spiky, sparse piano was most successful in channelling the eccentric spirit of the masterful Monk”  –– Toronto Star


“Pianist/composer Tania Gill understands the understated power of lyricism… There’s evidence of Gill having drunk deeply at the double well of the Bleys (composer Carla and pianist Paul): in motifs, harmonic concepts, pianism and pauses….” — Exclaim Magazine 


“In the end, Bolger Station makes itself a destination for many travellers, journeying alone or in groups, who may at different moments find it a very familiar place, or the portal to a wilderness where no cars go.” — The Globe and Mail