Tania Gill is a pianist, keyboardist, composer and educator living in Toronto. Read her full biography here.

Contact: info@taniagill.ca

Upcoming Events

Cancelled: Jan 23 and 24, 2022 The Rex with the Tania Gill Quartet. CD Release Shows for Disappearing Curiosities

Feb 12, 2022 The Titillators, The Tranzac

Past Events

Jan 20, Tania Gill Trio. Laurier University, Waterloo. Livestreamed noon hour concert.

Jan 15, 7:30pm Tania Gill Quartet, ONLINE streamed concert, recorded live at Gigspace, Ottawa. Tickets

Cancelled: Jan 7, 2022 / Tania Gill Quartet / Resonance Cafe / Montreal 

Cancelled: Wed Dec 29, The Jazz Bistro, hosting the jam

Sunday Dec. 19, 4pm. accompanying the silent film ‘Sunrise’ Revue Silent Sundays, Revue Cinema, Toronto / link

Sunday Dec. 5, 4pm. accompanying the silent film Gallery of Monsters, Toronto Silent Film Festival, Revue Cinema / link

Sat. Dec. 4 The Jazz Room in Waterloo with Rebecca Hennessy / link

Wednesdays in November, The Jazz Bistro, with Mike Milligan, Jake Oelrichs, Nico Dann and Nick Fraser, hosting the jam session. 6 -8:30pm / link

Oct. 30 La Rev, Toronto. with John Russon Quartet

Friday Oct. 8, The Woodshed Orchestra, Something Else Festival in Hamilton Bayfront Park

Sept 25, 2021 Brodie West Quintet at the Something Else Festival in Hamilton

Sept 18, 2021 Guelph Jazz Festival. Solo Bass Piano / link

Aug 17, 2021 The Jazz Bistro with Rebecca Hennessy

Aug 14, 2021 See Through 4 and The Titillators at the Something Else Festival in Hamilton

Aug 13, 2021 Tania Gill and Victor Bateman. Prince Edward County BigLake Festival / link

July 21, The Tranzac, Toronto. Rebecca Hennessy’s Makeshift Island / link

July 7, Club 350, Toronto. with Mike Murley, Andrew Downing and Nick Fraser

July 3, Club 350, Toronto. with Brodie West, Chris Banks, Jesse Baird / link

Please see my CV for a list of notable past performances